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Working On-The-Go

Look around, in a cafe or in the subway, and count how many people around you are checking their e-mail or answering work calls. You will probably find at least three persons, if not more, working from their mobile offices . Mobile devices and notebooks have transformed our life, enabling us to work from places we never imagined before.

Today you don not need to be at the office to work, you can access the office network from practically any off-site location. This allows you to work from home or while traveling. Some time ago, when leaving on a business trip you had to stop answering your e-mail for a few days, nowadays you can even answer while you wait your plane at the airport and many airlines even offer wi-fi while you are flying. This means that instead of not answering e-mails while flying, you will probably answer more e-mails that if you were sitting at your office, because it is a good way of killing time while you wait to get to your destination. 

Of course this does not only apply to planes, developed countries offer wi-fi in most of their trains, companies like Google provide access to the Internet in their shuffles and the latest cars come with a 3G connection also. Mobile does not only affect long distance trips, but it also changed everyday commuting, transforming it into a very productive time of the day.

Mobile progress also allows you to have access to crucial systems like your CRM system while you are visiting your customers or providers. This changes the way you do business in a very positive way because not only you have access to very important information when you need it, but you are also able to update the system at the moment the information changes instead of having to wait until you get back to the office. Being able to update the information on the fly avoids having to remember to update it later, with all the inaccuracies this can cause, and also allows the rest of the company to view the changes in real time, enabling them to work with the most updated information.

Mobile devices are still evolving and in the years to come their capacity and performance will keep improving your productivity while on the go. Can not wait to use Groobix while visiting your next customers? Get your free trial and start profiting from Groobix today, visit Pincing & Free Trial

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